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Molecules that changed the world

Posted by cienciayficcion en 09/07/2009

  • Nicolaou, K.C. ; Montagnon, T.: Molecules that changed the world : a brief history of the art and science of synthesis and its impact on society. Weinheim : Wiley-VCH Gmbh&Co. KGaA , cop. 2008

WILEY-VCH WEINHEIM, GERMANYBoth the lay person and the dedicated student alike will take pleasure in reading fascinating stories about legendary molecules such as those of Aspirin®, penicillin and Taxol®, and will discover that learning about chemistry, biology, and medicine, the molecules of nature, and the history and practice of chemical synthesis can be both intriguing and inspirational. The specialist and teacher will find the scientific content of the text enriching and highly rewarding. Teachers can choose to cover the aspects of the text appropriate for their target audience, whether it is at the high school, undergraduate or graduate level. Readers with no formal background in science can be introduced to the impact of chemistry on society in the broader sense, while synthetic chemists will be reminded of just how far their science has evolved and take joy in reminiscing about the bountiful harvest of their labors.

Vista previa del libro en Google Books

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