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Designing the Molecular World

Posted by cienciayficcion en 20/07/2010

  • Philip Ball: Designing the Molecular World : Chemistry at the Frontier. Princetown : Princeton Science Library, 1994

Many of the most exciting developments in modern science come not from particle accelerators, astronomical observatories or biotechnology companies but from the benches of chemists. Dubbed “The Cinderella Science”, chemistry has come a long way from smells and smoke. Today’s chemists are creating the substances that shape the world and change our lives. They are engineers in atom-craft, in rearranging the elements into fantastic architectural forms with their own lilliputian beauty. Amongst these creations of the molecular world are the hollow carbon molecules called fullerenes, which may lead to super-strong fibres or electronic devices a hundred times smaller than those on today’s silicon chips.

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Web de Philip Ball



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