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Endless Universe

Posted by cienciayficcion en 23/11/2010

Este libro en la bibliotecaThe first serious challenge to the widely accepted ‘Big Bang’ model of the universe. According to ‘Big Bang’ theory, space and time sprang into existence fifteen billion years ago: a super-heated fireball of near infinite density that expanded at phenomenal speed. As it continued to expand, it cooled and condensed to create the galaxies, stars and planets we see today.

But the theory has always had flaws and they have become increasingly difficult to reconcile. Why is the distribution of matter and radiation in the universe so uniform? Why is space flat rather than curved, as Einstein‘s theory of general relativity suggests? And where did the seeds for forming galaxies come from? To resolve these issues, Turok and Steinhardt propose a very different model of the universe. They argue that it is without beginning or end, truly an Endless Universe.

This highly accessible book chronicles the last thirty years of cosmology; it explains the discovery of ‘dark energy’, ‘dark matter’ and addresses the question of when the next collision might occur between our worlds and the parallel dimensions in space.

A radical, yet accessible, new theory of the origins and future of the universe by two of the world’s leading cosmologists.

Publicaciones de Paul J. Steinhardt (Utilizando Google Académico)

Publicaciones de Neil Turok (Utilizando Google Académico)

2 comentarios para “Endless Universe”

  1. Douglas Allan Mason said

    First I would like to introduce entropy. Like the canvas it starts uniformally. It then has paint applied. From that first brushstroke the paint started on it’s entropical journey back to one, the canvas.
    The canvas is the “background” of the universe. It is entwined until the universe goes away.
    Could this “constant” of starting anew nothing more than a mathematical iteration?

    Multiple universes do seem so redundant. What is not redundant is one special place. This special place where we have formed is taking on a charactor much like this computer takes on a simulation,
    It handles it logically. With all of the cause and effect directives.
    Whether from a Dogma or a reason for “being” the universe could be a simulation, whether it is judgement I am not sure. But it does have the perfect tools to judge.
    A learning process? It has all of the neccesities for learning.
    The universe is the perfect platform for both. To think it is not, that it simply happens as an iteration of some sort is a rather dangerous concept.
    What is more dangerous is the realization that this is simply a place where there is no “reason for being”. For this would lead to anarchy, it would seem.
    Our only hope is we evolve into those thoughts that say “…there must be order”.
    Do “good thoughts come from our trial and error or are they intate?
    Is time itself exponentially fleeing with the universe? As it is a part of the universal arrow of time immbedded in the universe itself. We may not feel it yet. But time itself is exponentially fleeting, like the edges of the Universe itself.
    I would propose that this “simulation, whether from God or a very bright you hacker who, like Sim City, has put us through his grinder, a simulation and nothing else. It feels quite a dangerous idea, the Universe as simulation.
    Or can anything exist completely alone? Without anything to define it how could it BE?that

    It is there within the painting, after many years the paint wers off. Her which noone seems to have an opinion

  2. Great info. Lucky me I came across your blog by chance (stumbleupon).

    I have bookmarked it for later!


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